“Take everything; I don’t want it, I don’t need it, God.

I just want You.

Take me I’m Yours…”


I wish that we all could confess and proclaim this. The real problem with the believers of this generation is that we seek the kingdom of God, as well as His righteousness, as well as all the things that should be seeking us. Nothing comes first!

We don’t have the time to seek God and make Him a priority; all we do is seek him and many other things. There is a reason why the scriptures say that “…and all these things shall be added unto you (Matt 6:33b). This is because seeking ‘these things’ is neither our job nor our business; our business is to seek God and His righteousness and patiently wait for our rewards.

Oh! How wonderful it would be if we were to live lives where we only crave the Lord and Himself.

On a weekly basis, we go to church and sings songs with lyrics like, “for your glory I would do anything…”, “you are all I want…”, “take me, I’m yours, use me…” e.t.c. But, in truth, we are only interested in doing the things that will multiply us physically.

It is high time we stopped putting our careers, dreams, family and businesses ahead of God and the spirit.

We claim to be Christians, but we still only follow the moral and worldly ways to success. Whatever happened to spiritual perseverance and hard work? We seem to have forgotten that everything that goes on in the physical has already been handled in the spiritual realm. Tarry in prayer and communion with God and see how I brings success to you. And, if success seems far-fetched, don’t close the ‘God chapter’ in your life. Instead, keep chasing after him.

Until we let go of all our desires and wants; and sincerely thirst for God and give our whole being to him, we cannot truly achieve what He has stacked up for us.

Ask yourself this today…“if I never get that house, that car, or be a superstar; and my dreams never come true, will I be satisfied with You?”


Get Over It

God created me with so much care and thoughtfulness. I was His brainchild…

He thought of creating me. He thought of what I would become. He thought of all I would be able to achieve once I keyed into my potentials.

He didn’t just think of bringing me into the world, He also thought of how I would survive. He thought of how I would be nurtured; from the moment of drawing my first breath to the point of drawing my last.

He then concluded that I was worth it. He resolved within Himself that putting me on the surface of the earth wouldn’t be a risk, but that it would rather be an investment; a good one.

Ever since I came to the realization that I am WONDERFULLY made, I let nothing put me down, break me up or tear me in pieces. Wait! Don’t get me wrong. I’m not being pretentious, deceitful or heretic here. The truth is that there have been times, several times when I almost felt like loosing it. There have been times when I actually got holed up in a corner of my room and cried my eyes out.There have been times when I had to bury my face in a pillow just to stop the tears from pouring out of my sockets.get-over-itBut, I never let those hard and seemingly tough times destroy me or change my resolve about God and who He is and the power that He carries to turn every bad situation into a great one. No, after these episodes, I put on my best smile and wore my best appearance of happiness on my shoulder, and practically said “TO HELL WITH YOU, DEVIL; I’M OVER IT”.

See, it is at these points of release, contentment and total surrender to God that you begin to gain your strength and will to survive another day.

So…GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON, success lies only in the future///

Affect Your Affliction

Picture this;

A bunch of carrots

Raw eggs

Ground coffee beans

All three are placed in three different pots of water to boil for 20 minutes. At the end, the carrots come out soft and weak, the eggs come out hard and boiled, and the water with ground beans comes out brown coloured and tasting like coffee.

*The carrots could not survive the heat, they came out soft and weak.

*The eggs became toughened as they scaled through the heat and built a defence mechanism that made them hard.

*The coffee beans went on to affect the water. They didn’t become weak in the water, they didn’t struggle to get out of the water; they stayed and changed the water. They affected the water.

In life, people go through many trials and troubles. The weak ones allow these trials and troubles to affect their lives and ground them. The strong ones struggle and make it out of the situation unscathed and unharmed, however,the impactful one’s don’t just leave the situation behind and allow others after them to face the struggle with such situations; instead, they stay and provide solutions to the problem. They affect the situation by providing means by which others will not have to face such situations again.

*Think of the primitive means of grinding pepper with a stone and stone-board…

*Someone probably stopped grinding pepper because she couldn’t bear to keep gnashing stone against stone …she signed off from eating pepper.

*Another person learned and mastered the art, so that it longer seemed a difficult task…she worked and gained a PhD in grinding pepper…(LOL)

*But, another person sat and thought about how his younger siblings and children might not be able to go through with such stress and that they might end up giving up on grinded pepper, like the first person. He also thought it wouldn’t be fair to be like the second person and be concerned only about himself, and be satisfied as far as he can survive the hardship.

NO! This man decided to work hard at saving those to come after him. He created the manual blender, skipped through that and invented the electric blender…he was Stephen Poplawski.

Now, THAT is how to affect your affliction.

So, the next time you see yourself in an unbecoming situation, don’t be weak and die in it, don’t be strong and escape it, be impactful and provide a solution to the situation, such that no one will have to struggle with the situation again.

No Gray

There is a human factor that pushes people to always want things done their way. Human beings feel they can get away with the slightest of errors.  If they can mix up a little good with the ‘little’ bad they have in mind to do, no one will question them and it’ll all round up being good.


Today, believers have taken that human attitude into their practice of Christianity. They sin a little, and then worship a little. They spice it up and stay on the fence. By trying to live normal human lives, they end up hopping between God and the devil. When the truth is that we are not normal humans, we are supernatural, extraordinary and spiritual beings.

”…it’ll be cool if we can love the Lord and still go do our thing. It doesnt work like that, you gotta be white or black. No gray”… as contained in Jonathan McReynolds song ‘No Gray’. True believers are upright and conscious of all their attitudes. They do what is pleasing, demanded and accepted by God. They are not lukewarm or flunctuating. They are not in today and out tomorrow. They don’t dance in club houses one Friday night and then dig it for God at the next week’s Friday vigil. This is because they are aware of the truth and have allowed it to set them free, so they will not be caged at the end.

Lukewarm Christians are not all unaware. Many are aware but in denial. The Bible in Rev. 3:16 says “So, because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of My mouth! (AMP)”. God wants no relationship with a “gray” or “lukewarm”  Christian. So, strive today to be of one mind, attitude and speech. Do not be caught sitting on the fence. Stay focused always… Only then can you attain the prize of eternity.

Leave it behind

Tao Te Ching once said “when I let go of what I am, I become what I might be; when I let go of what I have, I receive what I need”.

I believe that I can only receive my future and attain greatness when I leave the past behind…

Did you know???????

To remove chewing gum from clothes; keep the cloth in the freezer for one hour. To get pure and clean ice; boil water first before placing in the freezer. To remove ink from clothes; put toothpaste on the ink spots generously and let it dry completely? Then wash!


A lot of people ask themselves the questions, where do I belong? Where will I end up? A song writer wrote a song “will you be saved at the end time? Will you follow Jesus on His way up? Or will you be set ablaze in the fires of hell and nothing will be done to save you?”

The song is filled with questions, will you? Will you?

Let me give an illustration from a movie about a man who was accused of stealing a huge sum of money from the house of his friend, but was innocent of the accusation. He was later called to a meeting with his friend and other close friends of theirs and was asked to swear In God’s name that he didn’t take the money. In a bid to vindicate himself, he did as he was asked. Later on, the real thief was found and apologies were made to the accused man. Ten years later, the same man died. But, the shocker was not that he died at an early age, it was rather that he went to hell (as we were shown in the film). Now, you may ask, “why would this blameless man go to hell?” he never offended anyone, stole, lied or even committed adultery. To man’s best understanding, the man never committed a sin in his life. But, in truth, he did. He committed a sin that has been overlooked by generations and generations of believers – ten years ago, he used the name of God in vain, so as to free himself from the clutches of the world. But, he forgot to ask for forgiveness.
I am no preacher or saint but, I know my scripture well enough to know that using His name in vain is a great sin (ex 20:5).

I implore you, the next time you think of yourself as righteous, upright and blameless, be sure to confirm that you have not let your tongue loose at any point in time. This might just save you from eternal bondage and damnation.



 You’ve failed many times although you may not remember.

You fell down the first time you tried to walk.

You almost drowned the first time you tried to swim.

How many times did you fall off, the first time you tried to ride a bike?

Let me tell you a story about a man who, by the time he was 50 years old had failed in almost every way it is possible for man to fail. He was a trader, a businessman, a postman, a legislator, a congressman, a lawyer, a senator and most importantly, a president.

Consider this;

He was born on February 12, 1809. He attended an ABC school and this was when his father could spare him from chores. He also spent few weeks at a school in which, according to him “no qualification was ever required of a teacher besides reading, writing and ciphering to the Rule of Three”. He had less than one full year of formal education in his entire life; therefore, he got his knowledge from reading the works of classical authors.

In his younger years, he was very handy with an axe and one of his best tasks was to make fence rails by splitting poles. This made people around him to call him Railsplitter.

When he was only 22 years old, a business he had started got broke as a result of the misuse of profits by his partner who later died and left him with debts to settle. The following year, he tried his hands at politics but was defeated in his attempt to win a seat in the state legislature. Then, another attempt at starting a business failed.

The following year, he finally won an election to the state legislature but his joy was short lived because a girl he was in love with fell sick and died.

Even that terrible blow was not the last misfortune to come his way. He was later defeated in his bid to become a speaker for the state legislature and in his attempt to become an elector. Twice, he ran for the United States congress and lost. Twice more, he ran for a seat in the United States senate in 1855 and 1858 and was defeated at both times.

Then, he suffered another defeat, this time in his attempt to become the vice president of the United States of America.

But, he refused to fold up his tent and live in the never-never land of rejection. Instead he kept on with being a dreamer, an effectively efficient dreamer.

And so, four years later, he became the president of the United States of America within the period of 1861-1865.

His name, of course, was Abraham Lincoln, indisputably one of the best and most respected presidents the world has ever known.

He lived for 56 years and was the 16th president of the USA. His birthplace is now a national historic site.

Have you suffered as many defeats as he, Abraham Lincoln encountered? I doubt it. He went from being the ‘Rail splitter’ to being the President. Most of us would have decided that life just wasn’t going to give us a break and given up. But not him.

What a lesson Abraham Lincolns life has to give anyone who has encountered failure and rejection. You may lose battle after battle after battle; it doesn’t mean that you will lose the war.

Don’t worry about failure, rather, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try. Greatness is not achieved by never falling but by rising each time we fall.

Also, you should know that people will always be angry at your success. But, nevertheless, don’t feel shy about your success because it is just a proof that you are better than a lot of people.

Take Abraham Lincoln for example, because of his success he was murdered by John Wilkes Booth, on Good Friday. But that didn’t make his success to reduce or for his fame to diminish. He instead waxed stronger in his grave.

Your dream too is obtainable.

Your dream is closer than you can imagine.

Your dream too is necessary and essential.


It’s your turn to do something significant with your life.